Thursday, September 23, 2021

State Senator Gustavo Rivera on the Resignation of NYS Department of Health Commissioner Zucker



"Dr. Zucker’s ability to serve as the Commissioner of Health was hindered beyond repair by his decisions allowing the agency he led on behalf of the people of New York to become a political tool for Cuomo and his allies. His resignation is warranted and another step towards ensuring we hold those who neglected their duties under the Cuomo administration accountable. As we continue to face a devastating pandemic, we need the Department of Health to be fully transparent and functional. I trust that Governor Kathy Hochul will choose a qualified, dedicated public health expert who will turn the Department’s focus to what it should have always been --- to protect and improve the health and well being of all New Yorkers.”   


Senator Rivera mentions that Dr. Zucker's ability to serve was a political tool for former Governor Cuomo. Senator Rivera was I mean is the Senate Health chair for how long Senator Rivera, and you never questioned Dr. Zucker once on what he was doing, and let's not say that you questioned him when he came before the committee. What policy that you felt was wrong did you prevent Governor Cuomo from installing through Dr. Zucker. In essence, you Senator Rivera should retire and go fishing with Dr. Zucker.

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