Thursday, September 23, 2021



15-Year, $191 million plan to make New York City an international clean energy leader

 Mayor de Blasio and New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) today announced a 15-year, $191 million Offshore Wind Vision (OSW) plan to make New York City a leading destination for the offshore wind industry. The plan also ensures the city meets nation-leading climate goals of 100-percent clean electricity by 2040 and carbon neutrality by 2050.  


The $191 million offshore wind investment will put New York City on path to:

  • Create over 13,000 jobs and generate $1.3 billion in average annual investment 
  • Ensure 40% of job and investment benefits are directed toward women, minorities, and environmental justice communities 
  • Reduce 34.5 million tons of CO2 – the equivalent of removing nearly 500,000 cars from roadways for 15 years.

“New York City is stepping up to confront the climate crisis with bold action,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “Investing in our offshore wind industry isn’t only a win for our planet, it also means thousands of new jobs and affordable, clean power for New Yorkers. This plan will have a dramatic impact on our fight against climate change and will help set us on the path towards a clean energy future.”


“When we talk about a green economy we are really talking about reliance on renewable energy and the jobs of the future coming together. We are proud to bring this vision to New York – to help meet our long-term sustainability goals and grow a new industry, centering equity as no other global destination has done before,” said New York City Economic Development Corporation President and CEO Rachel Loeb. “We thank the Mayor and all of our partners for joining us in this bold vision for a green future.” 


New York City will make commitments focused on three core areas: sites and infrastructure, business and workforce, and research and innovation. The city will work to develop best-in-class infrastructure that will support the construction and operation of offshore wind farms. The plan outlines how the city will expand its manufacturing sector to build, stage, and install wind turbines, and ensure they can be serviced and powered locally.


The plan also commits the city to developing public-private partnerships with communities to create good-paying, green jobs in disadvantaged neighborhoods historically impacted by climate injustice. The city will focus on targeted investments to develop workforce trainings and support businesses that seek to create a diverse talent pool in offshore wind. The plan further aims to support Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs) and other local companies in accessing over $70 billion expected to be created by the offshore wind industry.  


Lastly, the city will work to promote research and innovation in offshore wind so new technologies and approaches are created in New York City. NYCEDC will work with the offshore wind industry and partners to launch an accelerator that will allow New York-based startups to build out the next generation of offshore wind technologies to support worldwide growth and advancement in the field.  


“This forward-looking plan to grow the Offshore Wind Industry sets New York City up to reduce emissions while creating good green jobs,” said United States Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer. “The Mayor has long understood the way transforming our energy system will drive our economy to new heights. I am thankful to him for continuing to provide bold leadership on this vital issue.” 


The OSW Vision Plan looks ahead to attract additional federal, state, and private investments to drive industry growth to make the long-term vision a reality. To help ensure progress is made, NYCEDC will establish an Offshore Wind Industry Advisory Council led by co-chairs Elizabeth Yeampierre, Executive Director of UPROSE, and KC Sahl, Northeast Energy Market Leader at VHB, a civil engineering firm active in the offshore wind industry. The council will be made up of additional community, business and nonprofit leaders with relevant expertise and experience. 


“The commitment to a new OSW facility in NYC is the result of Sunset Park’s two-decade struggle for environmental justice and the “green reindustrialization” of our waterfront. The struggle now is for a just transition, ensuring from day 1 our people are both at the table and working in this industry,” said NYC OSW Industry Advisory Council Co-Chair, Elizabeth Yeampierre.  


“For decades, offshore wind developers, supply chain manufacturers, consultants, and environmental justice organizations have dedicated themselves to a clean energy future, while creating economic opportunities for all communities. The New York City Offshore Wind Advisory Council will work to align these efforts to best serve the future of New York City. I am honored to leverage the past 15 years of my career devoted to offshore wind, to serve the objectives of this Council. I’m confident that my co-chair and I will work on behalf of all New Yorkers, especially those who have been most disenfranchised by the unintended consequences of previous generations’ energy infrastructure development, to grow the green energy innovation and economic development sector,” said NYC OSW Industry Advisory Council Co-Chair KC Sahl


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