Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Why is NYC VOTES Giving Voters the Wrong Information About the November Election. It is Not a Ranked Choice Election, and All Candidates on the November Ballot Need to be Listed, Not Only Democratic Candidates




We received this from NYC VOTES of the NYC Campaign Finance Board. 

What is Going on here, why is the NYC Campaign Finance Board sending false and incomplete  information out to the public.

from:NYC Votes nycvotes@nyccfb.info
to:Robert Press <100percentbronxnews@gmail.com>
date:Sep 21, 2021, 2:32 PM
subject:What’s a Ballot Proposal?

There needs to be a full investigation of this matter.

NYC Votes is telling voters that the November election will be a Ranked Choice Vote election, when it is not. 

The claim will be that it is for the five ballot proposals when in fact NYC VOTES will cause confusion in the November election by using the Democratic Primary information that was a Ranked Choice Election when the November election is not a Ranked Choice Election. No candidates are listed for that reason.

Rank your candidates

With Ranked Choice Voting, you can rank up to five candidates. Build your rankings for city offices!

This is an archive of the June 2021 

Voter Guide. It does not reflect the 

candidates on the ballot this 


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