Thursday, December 23, 2021

10 Days and Counting


I have announced that we will be scaling down the New Year's Eve celebration at Times Square. We don't want people to catch COVID, whatever the variant. Doctor Chokshi what are there eight variants of COVID now, with the other five we have not highlighted because they are a very minor strain of the virus. That stupid acting governor David Patterson I mean Kathy Hochul let out numbers that showed only forty-one cases of Omicron in the city on December 19, 2021. I have to panic people to get vaccinated or to get their booster shot so I can get big contributions from the drug companies when I run for governor. 

So we want you to enjoy New Years Eve, but we are limiting the number of people at Times Square because our doctors have been wrong again on this. Stay home and watch me throw the switch and start the 2022 sign to drop and light up at midnight to begin the New Year 2022. Don't forget to wear your masks, and if you have a phoney vaccination card Governor Patterson, I mean Hochul just signed a couple of bills to increase the penalties for anyone caught with a fraudulent vaccination card. Doctor Chokshi why do I keep mistaking Kathy Hochul for David Patterson. You are right, both of them were never elected governor, and I intend to keep that going as I get elected Governor of New York State. 

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