Monday, December 20, 2021

Council Member Ruben Diaz Sr. - Hispanics Ignored Again


Council Member Ruben Diaz Sr.

You should know we have far too often hear speak of “White Privilege” but now with the recent election of Adrianne Adams to Speaker of New York City Council, the tortilla has flipped.  It seems more likely that we can now speak of “Black Privilege” given that the African Americans now control most of the positions of power and prestige in the State of New York. They are as follows:
Brian Benjamín                   
Lieutenant Governor

Andrea Stewart Cousins         
Speaker of The New York State Senate

Carl Heastie                           
Speaker of The New York State Assembly

Leticia James                          
New York State Attorney General

Eric Adams                           
Mayor of the City of New York

Adrianne Adams                    
Speaker of The New York City Council

David Banks                           
Commissioner of the NYC Dept. of Education

Keechant Sewall                     
NYC Police Commissioner

Jumaane Williams                    
NYC Public Advocate

Vanessa Gibson                         
Bronx Borough President

Darcel Clark                            
Bronx County District Attorney          
If you take notice, my dear reader, and add on to the above-mentioned positions, those positions held by Black Americans in the state albeit in Congress, State Senators, State Assembly, City Council and Presidents of the Democrat Party within the different counties throughout the City of New York, there is ample room for one to note the obvious, that we are witnessing “Black Privilege”.
The Democrat Party and the African American Community can no longer continue to stand on the notion of racism, discrimination, and or how it is that the Black community is being ignored, when it is the Hispanic community that has been used and abused.  
The Hispanic Community for too long have been ignored by the Democrat Party and its leadership.  We the Latino Community have been used to help others achieve their political aspirations, but when it comes to helping elevate one of our people, backs are easily turned, and our community is ignored.
Recently we saw a repeat of this scenario. During the selection, or election for the position of NYC City Council Speaker, the Democrat Leadership had a great opportunity to show their support for the Hispanic Community, as well as their support and defense of immigrants. Council Member Francisco Moya, a member of the Hispanic community, and an immigrant was a great candidate that would have represented the immigrant, and Hispanic Communities as well as speaker of the City Council.  It would have also shown diversity and equity in the Democrat politics and leadership. 
This was the Democrats opportunity to demonstrate that we all would have a piece of the pie Instead the Democrat leadership chose to close ranks against the Hispanic and Immigrant member and once again the Hispanic Community was by passed, ignored and discriminated against by the leadership of the Democrat Party.  
This was the Democrat Party’s perfect opportunity to demonstrate that the Latino community matters. That the Hispanic’s Community counts not only when we’re needed to determine the outcome of elections.
It is important that you know, my dear reader, that during the past Presidential elections Donald Trump acquired 30% of the Hispanic vote in the City of New York! I dare say that if these discriminatory practices continue against the Hispanic Community, it is very possible that the Republicans will acquire 40% of the Hispanic vote. This would prove tragic for the New York State Democrats! 
You should also know, my dear reader, that I have been a Democrat all my life, and I will continue to be a Democrat. Unfortunately, I cannot keep quiet when I see my community’s “political funeral procession” passing by in front of my porch.  I’m sorry but I cannot remain silent.
This is Councilman Rev. Ruben Diaz, and this is What You Should Know.

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