Friday, November 26, 2021

37 Day and Counting


So Rubensito, if I may call you that, since we know each other for what is it now more than fifteen years. The eight year I was Public Advocate, and my almost eight years as Mayor, what is your next move? 

Has any candidate for governor asked you to be their running mate for Lieutenant Governor? I would, but I need someone from upstate who can balance my negative image up there. You know Brian Benjamin is in trouble, and maybe Kathy Hochul will find a new second banana, just like Andrew did when he ran for reelection his first time. I heard that former Bronx Borough President Freddy Ferrer was asked by Eliot Spitzer to be his running mate, but turned it down because he said it was a nothing position. Had he taken it he would have been the governor. Why don't you give Kathy a call Ruben, to see if she is looking for a new running mate? 

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