Wednesday, November 24, 2021

39 Days and Counting _ Happy Thanksgiving


You would figure that with 49, I mean 39 day left in office that these pesky reporters would give me some related questions to an outgoing mayor who is running for governor, but these reporters don't know what to ask me. Today it was much of the same with a question about the Lieutenant Governor and his bundler. Was that meant to say would I take the position of Lieutenant Governor if it is offered to me?

I can't even guess where my friendly reporters are going for Thanksgiving, I say New England, and the answer is Florida. I say Massachusetts, and the answer is Connecticut. Then I am asked what I am doing for Thanksgiving. Well Charlene and I use to go to New England, but we are spending our last Thanksgiving in office at Gracie Mansion. Then they ask me about the Blood Center rezoning. It was voted by the city council, and that Land Use Chair Salamanca went against the area councilman. No wonder there are so many people going for Council Speaker. On to the MAcu's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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