Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Bronx Borough President Elect Gibson amd Councilwoman Elect Stevens help give back to the New Settlement Community


 This afternoon outside the New Settlement Community Center located at 1501 Jerome Avenue, Bronx Borough President Elect Vanessa Gibson, and Councilwoman Elect Althea Stevens joined with staff of the New Settlement Community Center to give out turkeys, chickens, and boxes of assorted food to the community around the new Settlement Community Center. 

Members of the community were happy to see their outgoing Councilwoman, who will become the new Bronx Borough President, and their new Councilwoman. The line for free food here went around the corner, and even with a line so long the food giveaway was over in less than one hour. 

The line turned around the corner and went halfway down that block. 

Bronx BP Elect Gibson and Councilwoman Elect Stevens catch up on a few thing as they wait to hand out the free food.

We have had dozens of photos of current Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr. doing this, and BP Elect Gibson seems to be doing it as good as if not better than Diaz Jr.

BP Elect Gibson moves this box into place with some leg power. 

The turkeys went first, leaving some chickens and boxes of food to be given out.

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