Monday, November 22, 2021

42 Days and Counting - Those Pesky Reporters Tomorrow


Six more weeks with New Years Day coming on a Saturday this year or is it next year? Tomorrow is my daily media advisory where I take questions, and I wonder who will be asking me, Mr. Mayor when are you going to declare that you are running for Governor? 

Or will they ask me vaccination questions such as do I support the Dinowitz/Hoylman Mandatory COVID vaccination for children ages 2 - 18, when the CDC has only allowed children as young as age 5 to be vaccinated. Then that idiot Assemblyman Dinowitz said: “As New York continues working to prevent another measles outbreak". Maybe it's time to say I want to introduce term-limits for all state elected office. That should get me many votes to get rid of those who think they have a lifetime job like Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz.  

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