Tuesday, November 23, 2021

40 Days and Counting


I can't even trust the few reporters I put on my call on list. This morning Andrew Siff from NBC who I have my moderator call on at least twice a week, asked me if Governor Hochul invited me to go on the tour of the Second Avenue Subway line. I had to duck the question saying what a wonderful job she is doing.

Other reporters hit me with, what do I think of Mayor Elect Adams riding on a private jet owned by a cryptocurrency Billionaire, non citizen voting, ending city business with Homeless provider CORE Services Group, closed classrooms due to COVID, asking the governor for a vaccination mandate, me owing for six years now $435,000 to the lobbyist firm that is representing the Blood Center and why haven't I paid it yet, banning horse racing statewide, and some of the other questions I got. It's a good thing I have a four days without no reporter questions, they must have known that today.

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